April 2012

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Steelhead Intrudor

Hook: Mustad 34007 or equivalent straight eye
Tail: Choice of sparsely tied Bucktail
Body: UV Polar Chenille (Colour of choice)
Collar: Rea or Ostrich ( Tied in sparsely), lady aumhurst (colour of choice) ( Col
Eyes: Allumnum light weight hourglass, pseudo Eyes or Spirit-River Eye balz
Flash: Krinkle flash, hollo flash

The key to this pattern is to tie sparsely!

Alevin Pattern

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Alevin Patterns are especially effective at this time of year. With the emergence of the salmon fry from the gravel, large trout and steelhead as well as sea-run cutthroat are known for feeding heavily on these protein rich offerings.  I really like this pattern because of the action in the water.  Alot of patterns don’t offer enough movement in the water making them look stiff and unreaslistic.  This alevin pattern with it’s marabou underwing is very effective.  I like tying in red or orange marabou for a throat rather than the pictured saddle hackle as it looks and acts better in the water.



Tying Materials:

Hook: Size 6-10, Mustad 9672

Body: Pearl Mylar, or White floss

Rib: Fine silver wire

Underwing: White marabou

Overwing: Teal Flank

Throat: Red or Orange marabou