April 12 Rivers Report

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Until recently the Vedder had been consistently low and clear for the last several weeks. Now that we see early signs of snow melt the river has started to colour in its glacial summer fashion. This provides a feeling of safety for fish and can very possibly encourage them to move and bite. Personally I consider water like this perfect for bright plastic presentations such as your standard pink worm. This is starting to be considered late season for vedder Steelhead but some fresh fish will still continue to move in over the next month before the river becomes fly only on May the first. The majority of fish this time of year are wild fish, many reports we have received in the shop have consisted of people catching 10 or more fish before finally catching a desired hatchery marked Steely. However this time of year is often when anglers can try new things and learn a lot about how to fish different presentations and new water with the advantage of the added confidence knowing there are large amounts of fish spread throughout the entirety of the river system.

Vedder at Wilson on march 27th

Author with hatchery doe

Author with hatchery doe


















The Capilano is never the most productive Steelhead fishery around but can often be fun to fish and explore. Definitely one of the more scenic rivers around the Capilano has high canyon walls that can aid a good angler in spotting fish. try fishing small presentations and fluorocarbon lines.

In about a months time the Cap Coho will start running. These particular Coho run in the spring and average around 3-6 pounds. Fishing can be productive on spoons spinners and drift fishing roe.



Please remember this river is entirely catch and release for Steelhead, hatchery marked or not!

















The Stave river has been fishing very well for Steelhead this past week and should continue to fish well throught the next month or so. The river has a large number of chum fry that are hatching right now which provides fun fishing opportunities for cutthroat trout and white fish as well.

Fly guys should try using fry patterns and Squidro intruders. Gear fisherman can continue to use standard Steelhead drift gear or switch over to fishing Croc spoons in an effort to imitate hatching fry. This can be an extremely fun time of year for the stave do to the aggressive feeding habits of all fish in the system. It is not uncommon to see Steelhead rising in chase of the salmon fry.

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